Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch
Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch

Nyx: Your Ultimate IN16 Nixie Tube Watch

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Steampunk Style. Highly Integrated Hardware and Retro Nixie Tube

It is the crystallization of an era. Originating from the 1950s, the USSR military factory produced the ion tube that uses neon electron transition to emit light. There are only around 10,000 IN16 Nixie tubes left in the world, and each watch of Nyx uses the IN16 Nixie tubes that have been preserved to this day. 

The Nyx watches are designed to mirror vintage timepieces with modern design features and are equipped with highly advanced hardware that set them apart from what’s existing on the market currently.

Use genuine IN16 Nixie tubes that are inherited from the times of the USSR. The multiple layers of circuit ignite through rare gas electronic transition, gleaming tender and bright light.

Exquisite and unique steampunk style inspired by Victorian-era industrialism. Full of retro-looking futuristic, the watch is the emblem of your character and expresses your style. A trend that never fades.

Where Retro Industrial Aesthetics and Modern Technology Merge

Nyx has been upgraded to the max upon the last version. It uses a gyro sensor to display time and save power. By removing the current limiting resistor, Nyx can accurately recognize whether the Nixie tubes are lit up or not, and lower the voltage transiently. The technology enables instantaneous high voltage generation, luminous state tracking and timing function.

 Display Activated by Raising your Wrist

It will light up only when you raise your wrist or press manually to activate the display. It detects your wrist gesture when you need to check the time and lights up in ancient light of industry in the order of Hour and Minute. So much more than a simple gear, the watch is an integral part of your timepiece.

The “Wrist Raise Activation” can be turned off manually, and its smart recognition of whether it is lit up or not so as to lower the voltage keeps it in low energy-consumption mode.

Qi Compatible Wireless Charging

Compared to the traditional way of charging via customized magnetic connector, it uses the universal Qi compatible wireless charger for easier, safer and more reliable charging. It sets you free from fumbling with cords and adaptors. Far gone with worries about broken charger or coiled wires. Simply lay it down and it charges automatically.

Each packaging comes with a wireless charger for your Nyx watch.


Add Style to Your Wrist

Crafted in rectangular with sharped CNC wire-cutting, the watch goes well with style, and literally making you the spotlight when you meet friends or get a reunion. It is a topic that arouses curiosity and exchanges opinions about hobbies. Send it as a gift full of retro-futurism, cyberpunk & post-apocalyptic features will be a pretty nice choice.

External Glow of Nixie Heart

Nyx is built with sapphire crystal and sapphire case back which is extremely strong that it resists scratches. Sapphire is one of the hardest substances on earth which measures 9 on the Mohs scale, while diamond measures 10, the highest rating. It is virtually scratch-proof because it is very difficult to scratch, and this material also helps prevent fingerprints, keeping great clarity all the time.

The metallic aluminum oxide case protects the watch from high temperature, and also it is a superior material to make the watch lightweight to wear.

Stopwatch Mode

Nyx has a great stopwatch feature built right in. Just double press the down button to enter. You don't need to take out your smartphone to count time any more.

How to get it work?

  • Time Display: By raising your wrist or pressing any button to display the time. The Hour and Minute will be alternately displayed for twice, 1.25 seconds each. When the blue LED is off, it shows Hour; when it's on, it shows Minute. 
  •  Enter Stopwatch Mode: Double press the down button to enter the Stopwatch Mode. The numbers of the 2 Nixie tubes will cycle through. Press the down button to start timing. Press to stop. Press again to clear. Press it twice to return the the previous interface.
  •  Turn off Wrist Raise Display: Double press the up button to enter the menu; at this time, the menu flashes to display "00". Press any button to make the menu display "01". Double press the upper button, and then it displays "10" or "11" ". Press any button to switch, "10" is to turn off the Wrist Raise Display, "11" is to enable Wrist Raise Display.
  •  Brightness Adjustment: Double press the down button to enter the timing interface. Press the up button to change the brightness. Note the default setting is auto brightness powered by ambient light sensor. 
  •  Low Battery Reminder: When the battery is lower than 10%, the red light flashes for 1.5 seconds and the tubes are off. It can only be woken up by pressing any key.


Watch size 48.5*39*16.3mm
Nixie tube type IN16
Battery capacity 100mAh
Standby time 7 days
Battery life 3 days
Crystal Coated synthetic sapphire cystal
Buckle 316L
Charging method Wireless charging
Charging power 2W
Other functions Display activated by raising your wrist; auto brightness powered by ambient light sensor
What's in the box

Nyx watch
Wireless charger
USB Type C charging cable
Storage box
User guide

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