NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker

NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker

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It combines vintage display tech with modern music playback.

This is NixieX, the authentic IN-12 nixie tube clock that tells the time in glorious retro-futuristic steampunk fashion. It emits the sound out of the built-in speaker with the vintage volume unit meter indicating the audio level. It will be the one-of-a-kind shinny gadget to collect that makes you feel associated with technologies over the years.

Extra Retro Appeal

None of the modern digital displays can compete with nixie tubes in terms of aesthetics and elegance. The nostalgic fondness for the styling of this obsolete technology led us to the idea of making a nixie tube device.

In the case of our own interpretation of the equipment, NixieX is a modernized take on a clock and speaker equipment that is accented by a series of four nixie tubes that illuminate in an old-fashioned way. Keeping an eye on the luminous jumping time while listening to the music through any of your connected devices will offer limited-edition experience like never before.

There are only a finite number of functioning nixie tubes in the world after their production was stopped in the early 90s. NixieX uses authentic IN-12 nixie tubes which were purchased in the form of new old stock (NOS). We were ecstatic when we found the items, by then they had sat gathering dust in the warehouse for decades. We decided to bring them to life.

Vintage Display Tech Meets Modern Music Playback

It is a modern reinterpretation of the obsolete technology. Controlled by the main board, the clock receives time signals from the system and displays the time with the four nixie tubes. A tiny bulb is set in the center to set the minute and hour digits apart.

Time accuracy is offered with the built-in Real Time Clock module and backuped with CR1220 battery while the clock is powered off. Enclosed by transparent glass chambers, the nixie tubes glows with extreme retro look.

It looks like a retro-modern clock with Nixie tube displays, and provides unexpected surprises with the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures instant pairing and maintains constant uninterrupted connection up to 66 ft. The speaker offers crystal clear sound with no distortion, even at maximum volume. You may play your favorable audio from any of your devices, enjoy the wireless Bluetooth steaming while letting the operating digits tell the time in your space.

There’s a turning knob for intuitive volume adjustment of the speaker, and the bar indicator close to it shows the Bluetooth status. There’re three buttons below the knob that enable users to do “Next”, “Last” and “Play/Stop” operations.

Volume Unit Meter

The finely crafted Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a vintage VU meter. The actual, retro-futuristic technologies give an air of gravitas upon the occasion of their use.

NixieX offers 4 different lighting themes to choose from and can be achieved by pressing the knob. To set the time and configure the alarm are also easily done. Knob press helps to navigate to menu positions and rotation adjust values.

Overall the system is housed in an aluminum alloy casing, which reflects our designers’ ultimate control of modern industrial aesthetics. If you wish to close the speaker or the clock, you may simply pull down the switch at the lower right corner.

All Metal Unibody

While some Nixie tube devices are made from wood or acrylic, NixieX is 100% metal CNC, making great balance between its retro style and high-end finish. The space gray aluminum alloy unibody gives unparalleled stunning look that is perfect for pairing with any modern home decor.

With a combination of metallic components, all-metal scratch-resistant surface, steampunk elements, NixieX’s style blends well with your home, on your bedside table or workdesk.

It works with universal USB Type-C cable. You may plug in the socket and have the extraordinary numbers in your environment. The soft warm glowing of the tubes will fill your house with sense of retro technologies. The built-in neon bulb back-light (with 4 infinite modes) allows you to set display effect according to your preference.


Product size 130*45.6*96.2 mm
Product functions Glow clock, Bluetooth loudspeaker box, VU glow tube
Nixie tube type  IN12
Supply voltage 5V 2A
VU meter measure range 0-500ua±10%
VU meter internal resistance 65Q+10%
VU meter calibrating position Full scale
LED backlight lamp voltage AC/DC 6-12V 10mA
Speaker internal resistance
Speaker voltage V-1A
Speaker full frequency gamut 130Hz-20kHz
Speaker sensitivity 84db(1M/1W)
Bluetooth 5.0
Communication distance 10m
Material Aluminum

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