Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen
Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen

Compact Cordless Hot Glue Pen

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Key Features

  • Minimalist & All-metal
  • 15-Second Heat Up
  • Non-Stick Nozzle
  • Convenient
  • Trouble-Free
  • Handy & DIY
  • Versatile
  • Easy-to-Use


It is probably the World’s Most Compact Cordless Melt Hot Glue Pen breaking through the Conventional Look and Structure of Hot Glue Gun. It has Lithium battery inside and is charged through a USB-C port. It takes 15 Seconds to Heat up and get ready. It is probably by now the most easy-to-use, convenient, trouble-free, handy and versatile glue pen suitable for many sorts of materials.

The glue gun helps unleash the possibilities of endless creativity to life. It offers wireless gluing to achieve excellent results on numerous creative arts and DIY projects. 

The hot glue can be applied to a great diversity of materials such as fabric, plastic, leather, wood, cardboard, glass, stone, electronic components, rubber, fiber, metal, ceramics, pearl cotton, jewelry, nut shell, cloth art, plants, etc.

Ergonomic Design. Lies Comfortably in the Hand

Pursuing minimalist aesthetics and built robustness, we make it to be truly handy and by using All-aluminum Alloy Integrated Process, we manage to remove all cracks on the device surface, making it so smooth to hold and look premium.

The palm-size compactness offers unprecedented convenience either on desktop or you may drop it into pocket for school DIY tasks. What’s more, the ergonomic design makes it enjoyable to grip while working.

A built-in storage bin is designed on the top of the lid, which can store 3 glue sticks at the same time.

Built for Desktop DIY Tasks

Unlike the conventional gun-shape design, it takes the ease of use and invisibility of a tool as top priority. It is constructed to fit right in your palm and when it is taken up, it gets ready in 15 seconds. 

No plug and unplug. No worries of large space occupation. Most importantly, it always keep your desktop neat and even looks like a decor for any space.

Non-Stick Nozzle. Environmental-Friendly Glue Sticks

It has very thin nozzle: 2 milimeter diameter. Precision accuracy is delivered to every project. With the heat preservation sleeve at the glue gun’s nozzle, it offers better scald prevention.

Thanks to its non-stick nozzle, it offers quite enjoyable experience when quickly glue, attach, or make repairs and makes you enjoy the cordless freedom while gluing.


Color Space gray
Material All metal
Power 8W
Battery Capacity 2000mAh
Working Time 90 minutes
Charging Time 2.5 hours
Battery Voltage 3.7V
Input 5V, 1A
Glue Pen Size 117*43*25 mm / 4.6*1.7*0.98 inch 
Weight 106 g / 0.2 lbs
Glue Stick Size 25*7 mm / 0.98*0.28 inch
Working Temperature 160℃ / 320°F
Compatible Materials Fabric, plastic, leather, wood, cardboard, glass, stone, electronic, components, rubber, fiber, metal, ceramics

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