Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator

Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator

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Key Features

  • 60s Fast Inflation
  • 150 PSI
  • Auto Pressure Check
  • Compatible with all Tires
  • 4 Working Modes
  • LED Display
  • Flashlight

A portable tire inflator can come in handy during a roadside emergency. It can be kept in your garage, toolkit, or vehicle for routine maintenance or fixing sudden situations. Urlazy is such a lightweight, pocket-sized air compressor that provides a quick, easy way to top up low tire pressure no matter you’re heading to work, school, or on a road trip. It features 60s fast inflation, auto pressure check and 4 working modes, air pressure supports up to 150 PSI. It is built for almost all tires like cars (gas/diesel/electric), e-bikes, balls and motorcycles.

Fix Flats on the Go. Faster and Faster

Supporting max pressure of 150 PSI, it gets all your inflation needs covered like car/SUV/new age electric vehicle tires, motorbikes, bicycles, recreational inflatables like all kinds of sports balls. The powerful Urlazy tire inflator has a built-in high-performance chip so it inflates your tires at very fast speed. With airflow of 18L/min and motor rotation speed of 19,000 MPR, it takes only 10s to pump up one road bike tire(0-45PSI), less than 6 minutes for one 205/55 R16 car tire(0-36PSI).

Equipped with the advanced technology, Urlazy inflator comes with an increased inflation performance, making it faster than the majority of competitors. It takes just 11 and 3 minutes to fully inflate a small car or a motorcycle tire, respectively.  

Accurate Pressure Check. 4 Working Modes w/Auto Stop

One of the best features of Urlazy tire inflator is its Auto Pressure Check, which is capable of detecting the pressure in the tire / ball when connected: pressure measurement accuracy sits at ±0.01 Bar. This makes it rather simple to pump up. What needs to be done will be finished in just 3 steps: power up the device, connect the object, and press start inflation. The inflator will shut off automatically when it reaches the detected pressure so you don’t have to worry about over inflation or insufficient pressure issues.

There are four unique inflation modes: Car Mode, Motorcycle Mode, Bicycle Mode and Ball Mode. Select your object accordingly and rest the task on Urlazy. The auto stop feature gives you smart inflation so that you can rest assured without gluing your eyesight on the inflation. You may increase/decrease the output by manually pressing the button.

  •  Car Mode: default 2.5 Bar; adjustable range: 1-5 Bar
  •  Motorcycle Mode: default 2.4 Bar; adjustable range: 1-5 Bar
  •  Ball Mode: default 8 PSI; adjustable range: 3-32 PSI
  •  Bicycle Mode: default 40 PSI; adjustable range: 14-168 PSI

LED Display. Real-Time Data

The LED display lets you easily read preset or manually set data clearly. Working with the simple switch controls, you may switch among the Modes, manually increase or decrease the pressure, select your desired units among KPA, BAR, PSI, KG/cm2, and control the flashlight. The real-time visible feedback on the display offers true convenience, safety and practicality. You may get accurate data reporting at a glance.

It even comes with memory function, presenting the same Mode as well as Unit exactly like what you save last time.  

Cordless Design. Super Easy to Use

Urlazy tire inflator is backed by 10 units of 18650 Lithium batteries of 30Wh power and can be recharged by a USB Type-C cable. You don’t have to plug any cord into your vehicle’s outlet and drawer power from there. No worry about draining your car’s own battery or looking for a wall outlet when you need air.

Crafted from aerospace-grade metal alloy, it is not only scratch-resistant, robust and durable, but also aesthetic stylish. It offers a comfortable grip and seamless operation. There are totally four buttons with rather intuitive operation: Power Switch, Mode Switch, Increase, Decrease.

Integrated Flashlight. Backup Power Supply

Urlazy air compressor is built with LED flashlight, which helps you inflate or check your vehicle in the dark easily. Also use it as an emergency flashlight to check situations or SOS light for calling help to escort your adventure.

There’s a USB A output to refill your device’s power when it’s drained. Use it as a standby power bank to charge right away.

4-Layer Structure Tube. 3 Nozzle Types

The inflation tube is the component that tends to be used, twisted for hundreds of times. Therefore, it should be built with ultra durability. Urlazy inflator uses the 4-layer structure inflation tube, from the interior to exterior they are: rubber tube, aluminum foil protective coating, high-strength nylon braided tube and reinforced protective layer. We have done a series of testings to prove the tube to be highly wear-resistant, explosion-proof and high temperature resistant. It even works well in extremely cold weather.

It comes along with 3 different nozzle types for hassle-free topping up your car/bicycle/ball. You can use the portable tool kit to provide quick and easy solution to fix a flat on a road trip as well as to fill spare tires in order to get to a repair shop. Keep it one of your most helpful handy vehicle emergency kit.


Product Size 153*56*56 mm
Product Weight 478 g
Inflation Pressure 150 PSI (Max)
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion 5000mAh
Operating Temperature -10-45°C / 32-113°F
LED Light Mode Flashlight, SOS
Input 5V 2A
Output 5V 3A
Sensor Accuracy ≤0.5 PSI
Management Over-voltage protection, short circuit protection
Accessorries Schrader valve, presta valve, plastic nozzle adaptor, ball needle adaptor

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